It's not.\n\n<<if $revelation>>\nBut that's okay, you can wait a little longer.\n\nGOOD END\n<<else>>\nYou have a nervous breakdown and kill everybody with a sprig of spring onion.\n\nBAD END\n<<endif>>
You are standing in line at a grocery store.\n\nIt's taking forever. <<set $waits = 0>>\n\n[[Tap your foot impatiently]]\n\n[[Fiddle with your phone]]\n\n[[Browse the trashy magazines]]
Waiting in line
It seems you have been gifted with the most incompetent cashier to ever grace this world. Oh, what a fine specimen of failure. Oh, what a perfectly filthy curly-haired gum-chewing apathetic dimwit. Gaze upon her sickening fingernails, painted excruciatingly in front of soap operas and Judge Judy.\n\nShe has the task down to an inefficient art. She lazily slides the product across the scanner with a complete disregard for the barcode. She sluggishly repeats this action fifty times. Then with a defeated sigh she gives up and types in the barcode manually. And screws up. Every time.\n\nYou look at your watch, and look back at her. You wait. It is taking her an average of two minutes //per item//.<<set $waits = $waits + 1>>\n\n[[Take matters into your own hands]]\n<<set $neckCraned = true>>\n[[Pass the time by counting the items in the shopping carts ahead of you]]\n\n[[Tap your foot impatiently]]
You let your fury subside and try to assess the situation from a different perspective. You reluctantly summon compassion and empathy. \n\nMaybe that cashier really is doing her best after a rough night with an abusive husband. Maybe those cows in front of you are buying all this junk food for a summer camp for needy kids. And certainly the people behind //you// are just as impatient, and they deserve as much consideration as yourself.\n\nPerhaps this is the crux of the issue, you realize. Perhaps this sad solipsistic existence, this you-centered universe, this tunnel-vision focus on your personal needs and opinions is destructive.\n\nYet the line isn't moving.<<set $waits = $waits + 1>>\n<<set $revelation = true>>\n[[Tap your foot impatiently]]\n\n[[Fiddle with your phone]]\n\n[[Browse the trashy magazines]]
It looks like Heidi McGubberson has done it again, accidentally giving birth to triplets in a tank of hungry sea otters. Oh, those celebrities. When will they ever learn?\n\nThe line isn't moving.\n\n[[Tap your foot impatiently]]\n\n[[Fiddle with your phone]] <<set $waits = $waits + 1>> \n\n<<display waitChoices>>
<<if $waits gte 3>>\n[[Crane your neck to see what's going on up there!]]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $neckCraned>>\n[[Pass the time by counting the items in the shopping carts ahead of you]]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $waits gte 7>>\n[[Wait, the line looks like it's finally moving!]]\n<<endif>>
The shopping carts in front of you are overflowing with high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Buy one get one free. The cashier is scanning her fifth box of pizza rolls. Why is she scanning them one at a time? Can she not do basic multiplication? You estimate the line will move forward in about three weeks.\n\nWhat possessed these fools to stack their carts so high? Have they no [[self-restraint]]? Don't they realize their purchasing choices are killing them?\n\nYou look haughtily into your own shopping cart. A modest assortment of vegetables, fruits and granola. You feel superior.\n\nBut that doesn't make the line move any faster.<<set $waits = $waits + 1>>\n\n[[Find a different perspective]]
Your blood boils. You elbow past the dullards in front of you, leap over the counter and shove the incompetent cashier out of the way. You spit in her face. Then you furiously scan the shocked customer's items.\n\n//Beep.//\n\nShocked silence.\n\n//Beep.//\n\nPeople turn to see the ruckus. The cashier is crying.\n\n//Beep.//\n\nSecurity guards are running toward you. They look nervous and eager.\n\n//Beep.//\n\nYou take the box of donuts you just scanned and hurl it at the security guards. The box uselessly lands on the ground with a thud. How disappointing.\n\nThe guards escort you out of the premises and you are banned from the grocery store forever.\n\nBAD END
You are in the fifth grade and your classmates are being rowdy as usual. You long to shout at them. To shove pencils into their ears. To macerate them in hydrofluoric acid.\n\nYou do nothing.<<set $waits = $waits + 1>>\n\n[[Back|Pass the time by counting the items in the shopping carts ahead of you]]
[[The devil is in the mundane.]]\n<<set $neckCraned = false>>\n<<set $revelation = false>>\n<<set $waits = 0>>
You check your e-mail for the millionth time. Nothing. You consider opening up a game but you don't want to admit that you'll be standing in line long enough to play it.\n\nThe line isn't moving, what is the cashier doing up there?\n\n[[Tap your foot impatiently]]\n\n[[Browse the trashy magazines]] <<set $waits = $waits + 1>> \n\n<<display waitChoices>>
You tap your foot as if it will make the line move faster. It doesn't.\n\n[[Fiddle with your phone]]\n\n[[Browse the trashy magazines]] <<set $waits = $waits + 1>> \n\n<<display waitChoices>>